selections from discover weekly - December 2018

29 tracks


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Title Artist Spotify Preview
Born2Lose Baker Ya Maker
PICK IT UP (feat. A$AP Rocky) Famous Dex, A$AP Rocky
Toothache Topaz Jones
Get It Get It YG, The Raw Fame
F@%& With A Dime FEYI
casablanco freestyle Armani White, Sango
Huddy Coi Leray
Ready 2 Ride Junglepussy, QUIÑ
Toll Dezzy Hollow
Moon Love Boombox Cartel, Nessly
Metaphysical Vic Mensa
Hands Up (feat. Tut) mindbody&beats, Tut
Self Destruction Boogie


The Come Up J-Tek
Watch Curtis Williams
Lil Mama Lo Village, Dirty Shafi
Thank You, Tracee Ellis Ross KeithCharles Spacebar
Rigatoni Ursa the Chef, Mick Jenkins
Glass Stains Saint Mark
Tijuana Rey King
NC-17 Bodega Bamz
GoldenChevrolet Bones


Kesha Dem (with Mike WiLL Made-It feat. Offset) Trouble, Mike WiLL Made-It, Offset
Make Money Not Friends Lazy J, POETIK
MOP Borgore, Gucci Mane, THIRTY RACK
Brown Sugar NxxxxxS, M.A.N
That New Funkadelic Ice Cube
Headshakin' Leroy Menace