silky smooth jams - March 2019

35 tracks


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Title Artist Spotify Preview
Bye Bye ElMari.
Arouse Shagabond, Noah
Sweetie Devin Morrison
Spazzn DECAP, Gyrefunk
Might Just Naji, Krs., Kingbnjmn
Drumss J.Robb
Brown Kyle Dion


Float (feat. Mélat) Savon, Melat


over and over sky
Yours and Nobody Else's Fallen Roses, B dom


Swell Ian Ewing, Virginia Palms
Better Shaqdi


Cocoa Elaquent
Gleam Evil Needle
Lullaby ESTA.
Sweet Holy Honey (feat. Xavier Omär) Sango, Xavier Omär
Pink Hair, Green Eyes Balcony
Fly June Marieezy
Love Is Weakness C Y G N
Stay the Night The Internet
Smart Gurl In A Skort Ian Ewing, Philanthrope
Own2 April + VISTA
Micro Orgy Mister Carver, Serpico
Authority Of Methodist
Dreaming of Me SiR
Mona Lisa Monte Booker, Naji
Pink and Blue (feat. BOSCO, DUCKWRTH & Jay Anthony) JULiA LEWiS, BOSCO, Duckwrth, Jay Anthony
Belong to You (feat. 6LACK) Sabrina Claudio, 6LACK
Luv Psalm
Lost in a Sea of Pillows and Blankets .anxious.
Souvenirs Dream Koala


Let Her A l l i e
Need Savon


Choices B-Side
Bae Misha