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Gateways Rob Scallon, Jeff Loomis
Titan Andre Casagrande
Celestial Andromida
. . . _ _ (feat. Fabrizio Leo) Angel Vivaldi, Fabrizio Leo
Do Not Look Down Meshuggah


Encased In Ice After The Burial
Xepa Rabea Massaad
Phantom Antichrist Kreator
The World Burning Around Me Angel Vivaldi
A Martian Winter Angel Vivaldi
Cafo Animals As Leaders
Physical Education Animals As Leaders
Ectogenesis Animals As Leaders
An Infinite Regression Animals As Leaders
Isolated Incidents Animals As Leaders
Anti-pattern After The Burial
Enigma Anup Sastry
Bloom Anup Sastry
Counting Eyes Anup Sastry, Adam Bentley
Dreamer Anup Sastry
Combustion Meshuggah


Born in Dissonance Meshuggah


Pool Spray Veil Of Maya
Jambi TOOL
Stranded Gojira
Oblivion Mastodon
Mikasa Veil Of Maya
The art of dying Gojira
Vacuity Gojira
Supererogation Chimp Spanner
Clarity in Chaos Chimp Spanner
Dysphoria Cloudkicker
The Ungrounding Earthside
Pulaski Day For Giants


Temple The Helix Nebula
Ephemeral Intervals
Momento Intervals
Libra Intervals
Lunar I The Breather
Then To Hell With You Liquorworks
Instant Djentlemen Modern Day Babylon
Wings Modern Day Babylon
Over The Edge - Instrumental Oceans Ate Alaska
Ow My Feelings - Instrumental Periphery
Manifesto Pomegranate Tiger
Brute Force Rabea Massaad
Witch House Scale The Summit, Angel Vivaldi
Dreams Come True Sequence of Discord


I Am Who Feasts Upon Your Soul Vader
Dancing in the Slaughterhouse Vader
Triumph of Death Vader
Democide Exodus
Standards and Practices Municipal Waste, Tim Barry
Obzen Meshuggah
Never Say My Name Vader
This World Anup Sastry, Chaney Crabb
The Boss Level Anup Sastry
Refuse / Resist Sepultura
Everything And Nothing Mudvayne
Rise, Rebel, Resist Otep
Of Fearful Men After The Burial
The Ultra-Violence Death Angel