M3T44444L metal metal metal - October 2019 @SantaCruz

55 tracks


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Title Artist Spotify Preview
All Out Life Slipknot
Long Shadows Of Dread Nile
Father of the Wolf Amon Amarth
Age of Unrest Freedom
Descending Lamb of God
Conquer All Behemoth, Adam Darski, Tomasz Wroblewski, Zbigniew Prominski
MEIN TEIL Rammstein
Cloud Connected In Flames
Defend with Violence Throwdown
Postmortem Slayer
Slaughtered Pantera
Just One Fix Ministry
Supermanic Soul Ministry
Filth Pig Ministry
Happy? Mudvayne
Dig Mudvayne
Not Falling Mudvayne
Nothing To Gein Mudvayne
Denial Sevendust
Black Sevendust
Push It Static-X
Get Up Again Flaw


Snot Snot


Blind Korn
Bored Deftones
Can't Get The Best Of Me Cypress Hill
Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) Deftones
Big Truck Coal Chamber
I Stand Alone Godsmack
Breaking Me Down Soil
Jumpdafuckup Soulfly
When Worlds Collide Powerman 5000


Again & Again Taproot
Faith Limp Bizkit


Eeyore Slipknot
Get This Slipknot
The Love Song Marilyn Manson
Are You Dead Yet Children Of Bodom
Needled 24 / 7 Children Of Bodom
I´m Shipping Up To Boston Children Of Bodom
In Your Face Children Of Bodom
Living Dead Beat Children Of Bodom
I Am King Code Orange
Honey Bucket Melvins
Goin' Blind Melvins
Best Friend Melvins
Access Denied Dead Heat
What On Earth Can We Do Abuse Of Power
Right Now Korn


Here's To You Issues
Earth is a Cage The Body, Full Of Hell
The Screen YOB
Vile Nilotic Rites Nile
Enter the Void Pissed On