metal that's 180bpm or faster - February 2020 @SantaCruz

53 tracks


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Shadows Inside Miss May I


Blinded As I Lay Dying


Looking Down the Barrel of Today Hatebreed


Shock and Awe Vader


Hornet's Nest Power Trip
World War Now Kreator
Strength to Draw the Line Jasta, Jesse Leach
Get Up Again Flaw


Protector Heaven Shall Burn
Dark Night (Of The Soul) Venom
Is There Anybody out There? Machine Head


Ich finde nur Metal geil Onkel Tom
Boots and Blood Five Finger Death Punch
Stars Are Falling Fifth Angel


The Downfall Crematory
Sun Doesn't Rise Mushroomhead


Headstrong Trapt
99 The Haunted
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies - 2016 Remaster Faith No More
Fucked With A Knife Cannibal Corpse
Piano Wire Slayer


Return Of The Warlord Manowar
No Ghost The Haunted
Indestructible Disturbed
82nd All the Way Amaranthe
Swarm Meshuggah


Evil Has No Boundaries Slayer
Now I Lay Thee Down Machine Head
Welcome To Hell Venom
Twilight Of The Thunder God Amon Amarth
I Am Colossus Meshuggah


Phantom Antichrist Kreator
Biggest & the Best Clawfinger
Achilles, Agony and Ecstasy in Eight Parts Manowar
The Race Arch Enemy
St. Anger Metallica


The Jester's Dance In Flames


Rise Up Testament


The World Is Yours Arch Enemy
All Nightmare Long Metallica


Clayman In Flames


Nothing A


ATWA System Of A Down


Run to the Hills - 1998 Remastered Version Iron Maiden


Blackout - 2015 Remaster Scorpions
Dead End In Flames
Windows At The Gates
Declaration Killswitch Engage
Checkmate Lamb of God
Flag of Hate Kreator
Destroy the Orcs 3 Inches Of Blood
Night Marauders 3 Inches Of Blood
Territory Sepultura