swedish death metal playlist

45 tracks


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Title Artist Spotify Preview
Victims of War - remastered Unleashed
Slaughter Of The Soul At The Gates
Wolverine Blues Entombed
You'll Never See Grave


While the Furnace Burns Escarnium
Left Hand Path Entombed
Soulless Grave


Sentenced To Death Nihilist


Breeding Death Bloodbath
Only for the Weak In Flames
I Am Above In Flames
The Art Of War Vomitory
Aerie Comecon


Whatever That Hurts Tiamat


Masters Of War Amon Amarth
Souls Of The Dead Merciless
Eye Of The Greyhound Unanimated


Of Darksome Origin Edge Of Sanity


Ride For Vengeance Amon Amarth
Wounds - remastered 2016 Gates of Ishtar
Mouth Of Empty Praise Bloodbath


Eaten Bloodbath
Only for the Weak In Flames


Abyssal Ways Sentient Horror
Vultures in the Blood Red Sky Demonbreed
Betrayed Truth Mefisto


Abnormally Deceased Nihilist


Mourning Nirvana 2002


Override of the Overture Dismember


Into The Grave Grave
Buried Dreams Carcass
Unfit for Human Consumption Carcass
Cast in Shadows Blazing Skies
Fleischmann Bloodbath
Last Breath Macabre Decay
The Savage Inside Murder Market
Another Dawn Morgana Lefay
Impenitent Homicide Macabre Decay
Altered Flesh Macabre Decay
Flesh Before My Eyes Grave
Turning Black Grave


Total Death Exhumed Bloodbath
The Flesh Remembers Macabre Decay
Devourer Of Souls Macabre Decay
Battles To Come - remastered 2016 Gates of Ishtar