wholesome fast metal - none of that gory stuff - December 2018

81 tracks


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Ashes of the Wake Lamb of God


World Of Lies At The Gates
Under A Serpent Sun At The Gates
Slaughter Of The Soul At The Gates
Lashed To the Slave Stick Nile
Sacrifice Unto Sebek Nile
Twilight Of The Thunder God Amon Amarth
We Shall Destroy Amon Amarth
The Ultra-Violence Death Angel
The Fire and the Fury Firewind


Dialogue with the stars In Flames


CAFO Animals As Leaders


Man And Swine Darkest Hour


Violent By Nature Darkest Hour


Purgatory Darkest Hour


Master Passion Greed (Instrumental) Nightwish


It's the Unreal Thing Marty Friedman


Implements of Destruction Chimaira
Opulent Maelstrom Jeff Loomis


Orion (Instrumental) Metallica


Bleed Soulfly
Still Echoes Lamb of God
512 Lamb of God
Footprints Lamb of God
Engage the Fear Machine Lamb of God
Delusion Pandemic Lamb of God
Cowboys from Hell - 2010 Remaster Pantera
Hellbound Pantera
Goddamn Electric Pantera
Yesterday Don't Mean Shit Pantera
You've Got to Belong to It Pantera
Death Rattle Pantera
I'll Cast a Shadow Pantera
Mouth for War Pantera
Fucking Hostile Pantera
Horrors of Self Hatebreed
Destroy Everything Hatebreed
We Still Fight Hatebreed
Not One Truth Hatebreed


Before Dishonor Hatebreed


Raining Blood Slayer
Take Control Slayer


Consfearacy Slayer
Postmortem Slayer
Disciple Slayer
New Faith Slayer
Cast Down Slayer
Threshold Slayer
Exile Slayer
Bloodline Slayer
War Zone Slayer
Perversions Of Pain Slayer
War Ensemble Slayer
Temptation Slayer
Reborn Slayer
Biotech Is Godzilla Sepultura
Under Rapture Soulfly


American Steel Soulfly
I and I Soulfly
The Prophet Soulfly
Shouting Fire At A Funeral Jeff Loomis


Miles Of Machines Jeff Loomis


Shattered Pantera


Battery Machine Head


Creeping Death Stone Sour


Body Hammer Fear Factory


Inherit the Earth Burn The Priest
Honey Bucket Burn The Priest
Terminally Unique Lamb of God
The Undertow Lamb of God
Guerrilla Radio Rage Against The Machine
Ten Ton Hammer Machine Head
Struck a Nerve Machine Head
Davidian Machine Head
Psychosocial Slipknot
Walk Pantera
Zeta Nemesis Stephan Forté, Marty Friedman
Laid to Rest Lamb of God


Sibylline Origin Jeff Loomis
Avalanche August Burns Red
Release Mindfold Express