dark miami hotline vibes - October 2021

56 tracks


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Title Artist Spotify Preview
Low Life on the Highway Battlejuice
Carbon Cult DEADLIFE
Murdercycle Street Cleaner
The Living Will Envy the Dead We Are Magonia
Memory Reset Turboslash
Totentanz Chris Keya
Revenge of the Black Saucers Hollywood Burns
Electric Guillotine We Are Magonia
Abyss 3FORCE, Scandroid
Scar Dance With the Dead
Covenant Electric Dragon
Neo Tokyo Alex Yarmak
Mist of Rage Noisecream
Bleeding Out Andrew Hulshult
Gutter Cruiser Irving Force
The Rebel Path (Cyberpunk 2077) Little V.
Late Night Boss Fight Megahit
Roller Mobster Alex Yarmak
Sewer Wars Irving Force
Acid Spit Alex Yarmak
Carrier Signal Soul Extract
She Swallowed Burning Coals Alex Yarmak
The Only Thing They Fear Is You Megaraptor
Hotline Miami Theme Alex Yarmak
Horror Show Battlejuice
6:24 Alex Yarmak
Gravity Blue Stahli
Wasteland Warrior - 2008 Demo Celldweller
Controlla Alex Yarmak
Buzzsaw (So Much For My Apology) - 2006 Demo Celldweller
Resonance Alex Yarmak
Havoc Andromida
Prognosis Blue Stahli
HACKSAW.EXE Irving Force
The Rebel Path (From "Cyberpunk 2077") FalKKonE
Consequence - Alex Yarmak Remix Circle of Dust, Alex Yarmak
floating point - Void Chapter Remix The Algorithm, Void Chapter
Ballzout - 2005 Demo Celldweller
Fahkeet Alex Yarmak
Overconfidence (Hyper's Cyberpunk Deconstruction) Hyper, Tallah
Obsidian Blue Stahli
No Escape Blue Stahli
Release Alex Yarmak
Wave Of Change Raizer


Again Alex Yarmak
One Last Breath Blue Stahli
Future Club Alex Yarmak
The Way She Wants To Die - 2005 Demo Celldweller
Succubus Void Amber, Giacomo Mambriani
Team Killer - UltraKiller remix UltraKiller, Hubrid, King Stephen
Twisted Reality - 25th Anniversary Mix Circle of Dust


Death Will Have to Run Blue Stahli
Fighter Blue Stahli
Hydrogen Alex Yarmak
Coño - Henry Fong Remix Jason Derulo, Puri, Jhorrmountain, Henry Fong