For Trizzle Mah Nizzle - June 2019 @Davis

19 tracks


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Title Artist Spotify Preview
Thanos Trizz
100 (feat. Roc$tedy) Trizz, Roc$tedy
What Is This (feat. T.F) Trizz, T.F
Kill Zone Trizz
Aw Shit! (feat. Xavier) Trizz, Xavier
Really Happened (feat. Audio Push) Trizz, Audio Push
Ozark Trizz
Stayed Down (feat. Rittz) Trizz, Rittz
The Basement Trizz
Static Trizz
Ride To (feat. Traffic) Trizz, Traffic
BeesWax Trizz
Late Night (feat. Bobby B) Trizz, Bobby B
86 (feat. T.F) Trizz, T.F
All Day Long (feat. Radio Base) Trizz, Radio Base
Tricky Trizz
Beep Beep (feat. Cal-E-Clipz) Trizz, Cal-E-Clipz
Make It Trizz
Sick (feat. Twisted Insane) Trizz, Twisted Insane